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Effective August 5, 2016, sadly we must go on an emergency  leave of absence and go on a temporary hiatus until further notice...


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                    Live Entertainment in Las Vegas




 If you ever dreamed of singing on stage in  Las Vegas!!!! TAKE THE STAGE"  YOU ARE THE STAR.  Sherry Gordy Presents  is an unforgettable evening of live entertainment, dancing until your hearts content, enjoying live performances from known artistes from across the states, drinks to satisfy your taste. Meet and greet friends of old and new, and the hottest ticket in Las Vegas, a place where you can become a STAR if you're not already, be a part of Sherry Gordy's  Open Mic Experience and perform for Music Greats who may be in the house.YOU never know it could be the performance to launch a promising and dreamed of career!!! Perform in front of Music Royalty. Bring your family and friends to experience your dream, and have a great evening.

The Music of Motown & More - A Series. Live Entertainment, Dancing and Comedy....with the very BEST professional and semi-pro artists, singers and musicians gather to perform. 


Come experience the Absolute..... KINGS & QUEENS of an "Open Mic Experience" in Las Vegas...Appearances comprise a virtual "WHO'S WHO" of Las Vegas Entertainment professionals and visiting national artists.... LIVE and onstage!!!

Sherry Gordy Presents